That's Right - You're Wrong

'STUDENTS!" Gather 'round for romance, rhythm and the laugh-swing sensation of the century!

Categories: Music, Comedy
J. D. Forbes, head of the almost-bankrupt Four Star Studios in Hollywood contacts band leader Kay Kyser, who puts on a radio and-live theatre program called "The Kollege of Musical Knowledge," to appear in films. When manager Chuck Deems gets the studio offer, he and band members Ginny Simms, Sully Mason, Ish Kabiddle, Harry Babbitt and the others are all fired up at the prospect of going to Hollywood and working in the movies, but band-leader Kay is all against it and says his old grandmother has told him to stay in his own back yard, but he relents. Once there, Stacey Delmore, a Four Star associate producer left in charge of the studio while Forbes is out of town, discovers that the screenplay writers have prepared a script that has Kay Kyser playing a glamorous lover in an exotic European setting.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1939-11-24
Run time: 94 minute / 1:34
Director: David Butler
Writers: James V. Kern, William M. Conselman.
Production Company : RKO Radio Pictures
Production Country: United States of America


Kay Kyser
as Kay Kyser
Adolphe Menjou
as Stacey Delmore
May Robson
as Grandma
Lucille Ball
as Sandra Sand
Dennis O'Keefe
as Chuck Deems
Roscoe Karns
as Mal Stamp
Moroni Olsen
as Jonathan Forbes
Hobart Cavanaugh
as Dwight Cook
Ginny Simms
as Ginny Simms
Harry Babbitt
as Harry Babbitt
Sully Mason
as Sully Mason
M.A. Bogue
as Ish Kabibble
Edward Everett Horton
as Tom Village
Kathryn Adams
as Elizabeth Ralston
Ernani Bernardi
as Clarinetist
Harrison Carroll
as Harrison Carroll
Stephen Chase
as Producer
Charles Doehrer
as Charlie Doehrer
Jack Gargan
as Party Guest
Gus Glassmire
as Producer
Jane Goude
as Myrtle O'Connell
Sheilah Graham
as Sheilah Graham
Vinton Hayworth
as Producer
Hedda Hopper
as Hedda Hopper
Erskine Johnson
as Erskine Johnson
Charles Judels
as Luigi
Effie Laird
as Mrs. Bernice Mann
Dorothy Lovett
as Delmore's Secretary
Horace McMahon
as Hood
Feg Murray
as Cartoonist
Forbes Murray
as Producer
Louis Natheaux
as Studio Executive
George Noisom
as Boy Looking for Kay
William H. O'Brien
as Lawn Party Waiter
Fred Orthman
as Fred
Suzanne Ridgeway
as Secretary
Jimmy Starr
as Jimmy Starr
Elliott Sullivan
as Hood
Denis Tankard
as Thomas
Lillian West
as Ms. Brighton
Fred Fleck Assistant Director
David Butler Director

James V. Kern Screenplay
William M. Conselman Screenplay

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