Smile Precure! The Movie: Big Mismatch in a Picture Book!


Category: Animation
The movie transports the Precure into a world inside a picture book, where they are guided by Niko, a mysterious inhabitant of the picture book world.

Status: Released
Release date: 2012-10-25
Run time: 70 minute / 1:10
Production Company : Toei Animation


Misato Fukuen
as Hoshizora Miyuki / Cure Happy
Chinami Nishimura
as Aoki Reika / Cure Beauty
Hisako Kanemoto
as Kise Yayoi / Cure Peace
Megumi Hayashibara
as Niko
Marina Inoue
as Midorikawa Nao / Cure March
Asami Tano
as Hino Akane / Cure Sunny

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