Lupin the Third: Pilot Film

Categories: Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Animation
Created to pitch a titular TV series, the Lupin III pilot briefly introduces the main characters with montages, presented through a short frame narrative illustrating a typical gang escape.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1969-01-01
Run time: 13 minute / 0:13
Director: Masaaki Osumi
Production Company : TMS Entertainment
Production Country: Japan


Kiyoshi Kobayashi
as Daisuke Jigen (Cinemascope/TV) (Voice)
Eiko Masuyama
as Fujiko Mine (Cinemascope/TV) (Voice)
Nobuo Tanaka
as Narrator (TV) (Voice)
Taichirō Hirokawa
as Lupin III (Cinemascope) (Voice)
Shinsuke Chikaishi
as Inspector Zenigata (Cinemascope) (Voice) / Narrator (Cinemascope) (Voice)
Gorō Naya
as Goemon Ishikawa XIII (Cinemascope) (Voice)
Hitoshi Takagi
as Kogoro Akechi (TV) (Voice)
Nachi Nozawa
as Lupin III (TV) (Voice)
Chikao Ohtsuka
as Inspector Zenigata (TV) (Voice)
Kōichi Kitamura
as Kogoro Akechi (Cinemascope) (Voice)
Osamu Kobayashi
as Goemon Ishikawa XIII (TV) (Voice)
Visual Effects
Gisaburō Sugii Animation

Kazuhiko Katō Original Story

Visual Effects
Yasuo Ôtsuka Animation
Tsutomu Shibayama Animation

Masaaki Osumi Director

Norio Maeda Music

Visual Effects
Osama Kobayashi Animation

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