Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

Categories: Animation, Action, Science Fiction
In UC 0093 the Federation has recovered from its defeat and has created a new anti-colonial special forces unit to deal with rebel forces: Londo Bell. Elsewhere in space Char Aznable re-appears out of self imposed hiding with a declaration that he now commands his own Neo-Zeon movementand intends to force the emigration of Earth's inhabitants to space by bringing about an apocalypse.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1988-03-12
Run time: 124 minute / 2:4
Director: Yoshiyuki Tomino
Writer: Yoshiyuki Tomino
Production Companies : Sotsu Agency, SUNRISE, Nagoya Broadcasting Network, Shochiku Co., Ltd., Bandai Visual
Production Country: Japan



Shuuichi Ikeda
as Char Aznable
Tōru Furuya
as Amuro Ray
Fuyumi Shiraishi
as Mirai Yashima
Hirotaka Suzuoki
as Bright Noah
Kazue Ikura
as Rezin Schnyder
Kouichi Yamadera
as Gyunei Guss
Maria Kawamura
as Quess Paraya
Mayumi Shou
as Cheimin Noah
Mitsuki Yayoi
as Chan Agi
Nozomu Sasaki
as Hathaway Noah
Shingo Hiromori
as Astonaige Medoz
Shinobu Adachi
as Kayra Su
Yoshiko Sakakibara
as Nanai Miguel
Atsushi Okui Director of Photography

Visual Effects
Hideaki Anno Mechanical & Creature Designer

Yoshiyuki Tomino Screenplay

Yoshiyuki Tomino Director

Yoshiyuki Tomino Storyboard

Shigemi Ikeda Art Direction

Itta Kobayashi Director of Photography

Sadayoshi Fujino Sound Director

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