Categories: Drama, Thriller
The movie's plot is based on the true story of a group of young computer hackers from Hannover, Germany. In the late 1980s the orphaned Karl Koch invests his heritage in a flat and a home computer. At first he dials up to bulletin boards to discuss conspiracy theories inspired by his favorite novel, R.A. Wilson's "Illuminatus", but soon he and his friend David start breaking into government and military computers. Pepe, one of Karl's rather criminal acquaintances senses that there is money in computer cracking - he travels to east Berlin and tries to contact the KGB.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1998-07-02
Run time: 99 minute / 1:39
Director: Hans-Christian Schmid
Writer: Hans-Christian Schmid
Production Company : Claussen+Wöbke Filmproduktion
Production Country: Germany



Fabian Busch
as David
August Diehl
as Karl Koch
Dieter Landuris
as Pepe
Jan-Gregor Kremp
as Lupo
Zbigniew Zamachowski
as Sergej
Stephan Kampwirth
as Jochen Maiwald
Peter Fitz
as Brückner
Burghart Klaußner
as Weber
Lilly Marie Tschörtner
as Beate
Arnulf Schumacher
as Seybert
Patrick Joswig
as Alex
Sven Lehmann
as Computerverkäufer
Regine Zimmermann
as Pepes Freundin
Armin Dillenberger
as Kellner im Zug
Oscar Ortega Sánchez
as Mr. Minit
Brigitte Janner
as Sekretärin
Hedi Kriegeskotte
as Heimleiterin
Alexandra Hartmann
as Prostituierte
Claudia Boneberg
as Prostituierte
Hanns Zischler
as Karls Vater
Katrin Klein
as Sekretärin
Karin Gregorek
as Karls Stiefmutter
Tom Keidel
as Conan
Jörg Schmitz
as Kugelfisch
Christian Wolff
as Scarabaeus
Johann Claussen
as Pfarrer
Jan-Gregor Kampwirth
as Partygast
Nina Bühler
as Alex’ Freundin
Katja Klauss
as Alex’ Freundin
Robert Anton Wilson
as Er selbst
Tirzah Haase
as Nachrichten (voice)
Beate Himmerlstoss
as Nachrichten (voice)
Josef Tratnik
as Nachrichten (voice)
Peter Veith
as Nachrichten (voice)
Jessica Lohmann
as Nachrichten (voice)
Anna-Maija Tuuliainen
as Nachrichten (voice)
Igor Davidovski
as Nachrichten (voice)
Dietrich Brüggemann
as Bit
Muammar Gaddafi
as Er selbst (Archivaufnahmen)
Hans-Dietrich Genscher
as Er selbst (Archivaufnahmen)
George Shultz
as Er selbst (Archivaufnahmen)
Richard von Weizsäcker
as Er selbst (Archivaufnahmen)
Olof Palme
Ingrid Henn Production Design

Jakob Claussen Producer
Thomas Wöbke Producer
Ulrike Putz Executive Producer

Hansjörg Weißbrich Editor

Hans-Christian Schmid Screenplay

Hans-Christian Schmid Director

Nessie Nesslauer Casting

Costume & Make-Up
Peri de Bragança Costume Design

Enjott Schneider Original Music Composer

Klaus Eichhammer Director of Photography

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