Ranma ½

Categories: Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Akane is the youngest of three daughters for Soun Tendo. Her father Soun Tendo runs a dojo for martial arts. Akane hopes to carry on her father's dojo into the distant future. Meanwhile, Akane has been selected to marry Ranma, the son of her father's long time friend Genma. Akane and Ranma's relationship has developed into a love and hate relationship. Also, Ranma isn't your typical boy. While on a training journey Ranma fell into the Spring of the Drowned Girl and now changes into a women whenever cold water is splashed on him. Warm water will allow him to revert back to a male. Problems arise when Akane's father declares that the successor to their dojo must be a male. Now, Akane and Ranma (being a man only half of the time) must find a secret spring that can cure him of his curse.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2011-12-09
Run time: 95 minute / 1:35
Director: Ryo Nishimura
Production Company : Nippon Television Network Corporation
Production Country: Japan


Yui Aragaki
as Akane Tendo
Kento Kaku
as Ranma Saotome
Natsuna Watanabe
as Ranma Saotome
Kento Nagayama
as Tatewaki Kuno
Maki Nishiyama
as Nabiki Tendo
Yuta Kanai
as Hikaru Gosunkugi
Shosuke Tanihara
as Tofu Ono
Ryôsei Tayama
as Kamoyo Okamada
Arata Furuta
as Genma Saotome
Katsuhisa Namase
as Soun Tendo
Kyoko Hasegawa
as Kasumi Tendo
Rumiko Takahashi Original Story

Ryo Nishimura Director

Yoshihiro Izumi Writer

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