Yes! Precure 5: The Great Miracle Adventure in the Country of Mirrors


Category: Animation
While Nozomi and her friends are enjoying themselves at Princess Land, an amusement park, Coco and Nuts have been abducted into the Mirror Kingdom. At the same time, Shadow is after the Dream Collet so that he can use the power of the Pinkies to rule the Mirror Kingdom. To prevent this from happening, Migirin and Hidarin, who are residents of the Mirror Kingdom, become allies with Pretty Cure to assist in the fight against Shadow and rescuing Coco and Nuts. Source: Wapedia

Status: Released
Release date: 2007-11-10
Production Company : Toei Animation
Production Country: Japan


Yûko Sanpei
as Nozomi Yumehara
Junko Takeuchi
as Rin Natsuki
Mariya Ise
as Urara Kasugano
Ai Nagano
as Komachi Akimoto
Ai Maeda
as Karen Minazuki

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