The Castilian

TRUE...Actually Shot in the Medieval Locations Where the Actual Story Took Place!

Categories: Adventure, Drama
Also released as Valley of the Swords, this lugubrious US/Spanish co-production features the usual mid-1960s "tax shelter" international cast. Broderick Crawford plays a despotic 10th century Spanish king who, in cahoots with the invading Moors, has banished handsome Castilian nobleman Spartaco Santoni. With the surreptitious aid of Crawford's daughter Teresa Velasquez, Santoni assembles an army to march against the Moors. In keeping with the 13th century epic poem from which this film was derived ("El Poema de Fernan Gonzales") Santoni's path is smoothed by the celestial intervention of patron saints Milan and Santiago. Among the big names picking up a few tax-free dollars in The Castilian are Cesar Romero, Linda Darnell, Alida Valli and Fernando Rey.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1963-04-13
Run time: 128 minute / 2:8
Director: Javier Setó
Writers: Luis de los Arcos, Paulino Rodrigo.
Production Companies : Cinemagic Inc., M.D. Producciones Cinematográficas
Production Countries: Spain, United States of America


Espartaco Santoni
as Fernán González
Frankie Avalon
as Jerifán
Cesar Romero
as Jerónimo
Tere Velázquez
as Sancha
Tomás Blanco
as Don Nuño
Germán Cobos
as Abderramán
Alida Valli
as Reina Teresa
Fernando Rey
as Ramiro II, rey de León
Broderick Crawford
as Don Sancho
Julio Peña
as Santiago
Soledad Miranda
as Maria Estévez
José Antonio de la Guerra Art Direction

Sidney W. Pink Producer

Luis de los Arcos Screenplay
Luis de los Arcos Story

Al Wyatt Sr. Stunts

Javier Setó Director

Paulino Rodrigo Screenplay
Paulino Rodrigo Story

Mario Pacheco Director of Photography
José María Moreno Camera Operator

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