Pray they won't be on your case.

Category: Action
The Strip, Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps & neither do the cops. Especially Alexander "Hawkeye" Hawkamoto & Charlie Wilson the Toughest, meanest cop team that ever kicked ... and took names. After Hawkeye's best friend is mysteriously killed by the mob, there is nothing, no one or anything that will stop Hawkeye and Wilson from finding the killers and bringing them to justice. It is war as the Mafia and the Yakuza do battle with Hawkeye and Wilson in an all out kill or be killed. It's "48 hours", Hong Kong style!

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1988-01-01
Run time: 88 minute / 1:28
Director: George Chung
Production Company : Sunny Films
Production Country: United States of America


George Chung
as Alexander Hawkamoto 'Hawkeye'
Chuck Jeffreys
as Charles Wilson
Troy Donahue
as Mayor
Elizabeth Frieje
as Sharon
Ronnie Lott
Michelle McCormick
as Barbie
Hidy Ochiai
as Sakura
Stan Wertlieb
as Tony
George Chung Director

George Chung Producer

George Chung Writer

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