Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

The Final Battle Of Good Against Evil Is About To Begin!

Categories: Animation, Action
Bison, the ruthless leader of the international terrorist organization Shadowlaw, has been desperately searching for the greatest fighter on the planet for years. He finds it in Ryu, a young wanderer who never stays in one place long enough for Bison to find him. He does, however, get a fix on Ken Masters, an American martial arts champion who studied with Ryu as a child under the same master. Meanwhile, Major Guile of the United States Army is forced to team up with Chun Li from China in hopes of apprehending Bison and putting a stop his international ring of crime.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1994-08-06
Run time: 102 minute / 1:42
Director: Gisaburō Sugii
Writers: Gisaburō Sugii, Kenichi Imai.
Production Companies : Group TAC, CAPCOM, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan)
Production Country: Japan



Kôjiro Shimizu
as Ryu (voice)
Kenji Haga
as Ken Masters (voice)
Miki Fujitani
as Chun-Li (voice)
Masane Tsukayama
as Guile (voice)
Takeshi Kusaka
as Vega (voice)
Kaneto Shiozawa
as Balrog Fabio La Cerda (voice)
Shigezou Sasaoka
as Sagat (voice)
Jouji Nakata
as Mike Bison (voice)
Masakatsu Funaki
as Fei-Long (voice)
Yukimasa Kishino
as Dhalsim (voice)
Yoko Sasaki
as Cammy (voice)
Shozo Iizuka
as Thunderhawk (voice)
Ginzo Matsuo
as DeeJay (voice)
Hiromi Tsuru
as Eliza (voice)
Unsho Ishizuka
as Blanka (voice)
Daisuke Gouri
as Edmond Honda (voice)
Tetsuo Kanao
as Zangief (voice)
Yōji Takeshige Background Designer

Matthias Weber Original Music Composer

Kenzo Tsujimoto Producer

Gisaburō Sugii Screenplay

Gisaburō Sugii Director

Kenichi Imai Screenplay

Kenichi Imai Producer
Akio Sakai Executive Producer

Tetsuya Komuro Original Music Composer
Yuji Toriyama Original Music Composer

Visual Effects
Shuko Murase Character Designer

Takuji Endou Assistant Director

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