Finding Nemo

There are 3.7 trillion fish in the ocean. They're looking for one.

Categories: Animation, Family
Nemo, an adventurous young clownfish, is unexpectedly taken from his Great Barrier Reef home to a dentist's office aquarium. It's up to his worrisome father Marlin and a friendly but forgetful fish Dory to bring Nemo home -- meeting vegetarian sharks, surfer dude turtles, hypnotic jellyfish, hungry seagulls, and more along the way.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2003-05-30
Run time: 100 minute / 1:40
Budget: $94,000,000
Revenue: $940,335,536
Director: Andrew Stanton
Writers: Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson, David Reynolds.
Production Company : Pixar
Production Country: United States of America


Albert Brooks
as Marlin (voice)
Ellen DeGeneres
as Dory (voice)
Alexander Gould
as Nemo (voice)
Willem Dafoe
as Gill (voice)
Brad Garrett
as Bloat (voice)
Allison Janney
as Peach (voice)
Stephen Root
as Bubbles (voice)
Austin Pendleton
as Gurgle (voice)
Vicki Lewis
as Deb / Flo (voice)
Joe Ranft
as Jacques (voice)
Geoffrey Rush
as Nigel (voice)
Andrew Stanton
as Crush (voice)
Elizabeth Perkins
as Coral (voice)
Nicholas Bird
as Squirt (voice)
Bob Peterson
as Mr. Ray (voice)
Barry Humphries
as Bruce (voice)
Eric Bana
as Anchor (voice)
Bruce Spence
as Chum (voice)
Bill Hunter
as Dentist (voice)
LuLu Ebeling
as Darla (voice)
Jordan Ranft
as Tad (voice)
Erica Beck
as Pearl (voice)
Erik Per Sullivan
as Sheldon (voice)
John Ratzenberger
as Fish School (voice)
Mickie McGowan
as Additional Voices (voice)
Jack Angel
as Additional Voices (voice)
Andrew Stanton Director

Graham Walters Producer
John Lasseter Executive Producer

David Ian Salter Editor

Thomas Newman Original Music Composer

Andrew Stanton Screenplay
Bob Peterson Screenplay
David Reynolds Screenplay

Louis Rivera Camera Supervisor

Lee Unkrich Co-Director

Visual Effects
Michael Parks Animation

Jinko Gotoh Associate Producer
Mary Hidalgo Casting

Ralph Eggleston Production Design
Greg Dykstra Sculptor

Cosmic Don Camera Technician
Sharon Calahan Director of Photography
Jeremy Lasky Director of Photography

Paul Cichocki Post Production Supervisor
Jon Darrell Handy Production Office Assistant
John Hazelton Projection

Terry Claborn Color Timer
Gregory Amundson Editorial Production Assistant
Axel Geddes First Assistant Editor

Matthew Jon Beck Casting
Kevin Reher Casting
Nephi Sanchez Production Accountant
Lindsey Collins Production Manager
Marcia Gwendolyn Jones Production Supervisor

Bill Bernstein Music Editor
Gary Rydstrom Sound Designer
Kent Brown Sound Editor
Teresa Eckton Sound Effects Editor
Gary Summers Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Michael Silvers Supervising Sound Editor

Visual Effects
Geefwee Boedoe Visual Development

Kevin Nolting Second Film Editor
David Slusser Temp Music Editor
James Burgess Photoscience Manager

Lee Unkrich Supervising Film Editor
Noelle P. Case Editorial Coordinator

Visual Effects
Jenni Tsoi Animation Manager
Paul Mendoza Fix Animator

Dylan Brown Supervising Animator

Randy Berrett Art Direction
Ricky Nierva Art Direction

Visual Effects
Andrew L. Schmidt Animation
Alan Barillaro Animation Director

Jerome Ranft Sculptor

Ronnie del Carmen Storyboard

Visual Effects
Laura Phillips CG Painter
Angus MacLane Animation

E.J. Holowicki Sound Effects Editor

Visual Effects
Andrew Gordon Animation

Steve Slanec ADR Editor
Al Nelson Foley Editor

Oren Jacob Supervising Technical Director

Robin Cooper Art Direction

Jeff Wan Camera Technician

Katherine Ringgold Second Film Editor
Stan Webb Second Film Editor
Peter T. Schreiber Production Office Assistant

Gary Rydstrom Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Gary Rydstrom Supervising Sound Editor
Shannon Mills Sound Effects Editor

Dee Selby Sound Design Assistant

Thomas Pasatieri Orchestrator

Visual Effects
Dan Lee Character Designer

Glenn McQueen In Memory Of

Andrew Stanton Original Story

Anthony Christov Art Direction

Brian Green CG Supervisor
Lisa Forssel CG Supervisor
Danielle Feinberg CG Supervisor
David Eisenmann CG Supervisor
Steve May CG Supervisor
Jesse Hollander CG Supervisor
Michael Fong CG Supervisor
Anthony A. Apodaca CG Supervisor
Michael Lorenzen CG Supervisor

Visual Effects
Peter DeSève Visual Development
Tony Fucile Visual Development
Carter Goodrich Visual Development
Jamie Frye CG Painter
Bert Berry CG Painter
Glenn Kim CG Painter
Yvonne Herbst CG Painter
Andrea Warren CG Painter
D.J. Cleland-Hura Visual Development
George Hull Visual Development
Dominique Louis Visual Development
Simon Varela Visual Development
Mark Whiting Visual Development
Bruce Zick Visual Development

Gabrielle Siegel Editorial Production Assistant
Jacob Parsons Editorial Production Assistant

Visual Effects
Mark A. Walsh Animation Director
Chris DiGiovanni Fix Animator

Leeann Alameda Thanks
Luis Alarcon-Cisneros Thanks
Omid Amjadi Thanks
Steven Argula Thanks
Chris Balog Thanks
Anne Barson Thanks
Hal Beral Thanks
Steve Bloom Thanks
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Shannon Brown Thanks
Aaron Burt Thanks
Benjamin Butcher Thanks
Tom Carlisle Thanks
Jeanmarie M. Carrasco Thanks
Erin Cass Thanks
Shelby Madeleine Cass Thanks
Marlon Castro Thanks
Maria Elena Magana Cervantes Thanks
Kathleen Chanover Thanks
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Mary Coleman Thanks
Kenny Condit Thanks
Mary Conlin Thanks
Fernando Contreras Thanks
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William de Ridder Thanks
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Heather Feng Thanks
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Anne Ho Thanks
Heather D.C. Jackson Thanks
Dennis 'D.J.' Jennings Thanks
Keith Johnson Thanks
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Paul Kim Thanks
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Emery Low Thanks
Candelaria Lozano Thanks
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Patricia Moran Thanks
Desirée Mourad Thanks
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Edgar A. Ochoa Thanks
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Nils Erdmann Finance
Joan Smalley Administration
Heather Feng Administration
Andrea Nordemann Administration
Anne Ho Administration
Annette Wang Finance
Timothy Glass Finance
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Karen Perry Finance
Deana Walker Finance
Cheryl Murata Administration
Ena Chan Cratsenburg Administration
Heather D.C. Jackson Finance
Linda McCampbell Administration
Lisa McCampbell Administration
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Molly Nealan Administration
Paul Kim Administration

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Fernando Contreras Craft Service
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Leeann Alameda Public Relations
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Patricia Moran Public Relations
Shannon Brown Public Relations
Steven Argula Public Relations
Chris Balog Security
Jonathan G. Rodriguez Security
Joni Superticioso Security
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Valerie Villas Security

Doug Nichols Art Department Manager

Phred Lender Editorial Services
Jeff Whittle Editorial Services

Erik Forman Information Systems Manager
Alisa Gilden Information Systems Manager
Warren Hays Information Systems Manager
Peter Kaldis Information Systems Manager
May Pon Information Systems Manager
Alex Stahl Information Systems Manager
Christopher C. Walker Information Systems Manager

Tom MacDougall Music Supervisor
Simon Rhodes Scoring Mixer

Will Csaklos Script Consultant

Visual Effects
Bobby Beck Animation
Bret 'Brook' Parker Animation
Dale McBeath Animation
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Shawn Krause Animation
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Jana Vance Foley
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Joshua Hollander Unit Manager
Kelly T. Peters Unit Manager
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Kim Collins Unit Manager
A.J. Riebli III Unit Manager
Siouxsie Stewart Unit Manager

David DiFrancesco Photoscience Manager
Miguel Ángel Poveda Post Production Supervisor
Nelson 'Rey' Bohol Production Artist
David Fulp Production Artist
Ellen Moon Lee Production Artist
Albert Lozano Production Artist
Nathaniel McLaughlin Production Artist
James Pearson Production Artist
Bud Thon Production Artist
Heidi Cruz Schedule Coordinator
Susan T. Tatsuno Supervisor of Production Resources
Domenic Allen Systems Administrators & Support
James Bartel Systems Administrators & Support
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Jessica Giampietro McMackin Systems Administrators & Support
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Jeanie T. Oh Systems Administrators & Support
Mark Pananganan Systems Administrators & Support
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M.T. Silvia Systems Administrators & Support
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Elle Yoko Suzuki Systems Administrators & Support
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Chuck Waite Systems Administrators & Support
Jay Weiland Systems Administrators & Support
Ian Westcott Systems Administrators & Support

Adam Bronstein Script Coordinator
Rachel Raffael-Gates Script Coordinator
Dan Jeup Script Supervisor
Jason Katz Script Supervisor

Visual Effects
Carlos Baena Animation
Ben Catmull Animation
Scott Clark Animation
Brett Coderre Animation
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Kearsley Higgins Animation Department Coordinator
Graham Moloy Animation Department Coordinator

Jurgen Scharpf Sound Mix Technician
Juan Peralta Sound Mix Technician

Visual Effects
Louis Gonzales CG Artist

James S. Baker Additional Storyboarding
Courtney Booker Digital Storyboarding

Derek Casari ADR Engineer
David Lucarelli ADR Recordist
Dennie Thorpe Foley Artist
Frank 'Pepe' Merel Foley Mixer
Travis Crenshaw Foley Recordist

Margaret Lily Andres Assistant Editor
Mary Beth Smith Negative Cutter

Paul Springer Post Production Coordinator

Vince Caro Additional Dialogue

Visual Effects
Paul Topolos Matte Painter

Jessica Donohoe Production Assistant

Jim Capobianco Story Artist
Adam Bronstein Story Coordinator
Blake Tucker Story Manager
Ronnie del Carmen Story Supervisor

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