Freedom is not given. It is our right at birth. But there are some moments when it must be taken.

Categories: Drama, History, Mystery
In 1839, the slave ship Amistad set sail from Cuba to America. During the long trip, Cinque leads the slaves in an unprecedented uprising. They are then held prisoner in Connecticut, and their release becomes the subject of heated debate. Freed slave Theodore Joadson wants Cinque and the others exonerated and recruits property lawyer Roger Baldwin to help his case. Eventually, John Quincy Adams also becomes an ally.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1997-12-10
Run time: 155 minute / 2:35
Budget: $36,000,000
Revenue: $44,229,441
Director: Steven Spielberg
Writer: David Franzoni
Production Company : DreamWorks Pictures
Production Country: United States of America


Djimon Hounsou
as Cinque
Morgan Freeman
as Theodore Joadson
Matthew McConaughey
as Roger Sherman Baldwin
Anthony Hopkins
as John Quincy Adams
Nigel Hawthorne
as Martin Van Buren
Anna Paquin
as Queen Isabella
David Paymer
as Secretary John Forsyth
Pete Postlethwaite
as Holabird
Stellan Skarsgård
as Tappan
Chiwetel Ejiofor
as Ens. James Covey
Tomas Milian
as Calderon
John Ortiz
as Montes
Ralph Brown
as Lieutenant Gedney
Allan Rich
as Judge Juttson
Paul Guilfoyle
as Attorney
Peter Firth
as Captain Fitzgerald
Jeremy Northam
as Judge Coglin
Arliss Howard
as John C. Calhoun
Rusty Schwimmer
as Mrs. Pendleton
Jake Weber
as Mr. Wright
Pedro Armendáriz Jr.
as General Espatero
Luis Cabrera
as Spanish Guard
Robert Walsh
as Guardsman
Razaaq Adoti
as Yamba
Derrick N. Ashong
as Buakei
Geno Silva
as Ruiz
Darren E. Burrows
as Lieutenant Meade
Xander Berkeley
as Hammond
Abu Bakaar Fofanah
as Fala
Willie Amakye
as Folowa - Amistad African
Luc Assogba
as Gbatui - Amistad African
Mariah Campbell
as Masery - Amistad African
Habib Conteh
as Bai - Amistad African
Stephen Conteh
as Morlai - Amistad African
Monguehy Fanzy
as Fabanna - Amistad African
Jimmy Fotso
as Kwong - Amistad African
Adekunle Ilori
as Kahei - Amistad African
Sheriff Kargbo
as Almamy - Amistad African
Saye Lah
as Kessebe - Amistad African
Sylvestre Massaquoi
as Santigiie - Amistad African
Samson Odede
as Kpona - Amistad African
Chike Okpala
as Sorie - Amistad African
Willie Onafesso
as Jina - Amistad African
Samuel Pieh
as Suuleh - Amistad African
Lansana Sawi
as Morlu - Amistad African
Abu Sidique
as Tsukama - Amistad African
El Hadj Malik Sow
as Golabu - Amistad African
Lamine Thiam
as Mahmud - Amistad African
Austin Pendleton
as Professor Gibbs
Daniel von Bargen
as Warden Pendleton (as Daniel Von Bargen)
Frank T. Wells
as Crier
Michael Massee
as Prison Guard
Roy Cooper
as Pickney
Victor Rivers
as Captain Ferrar
Joseph Kosseh
as Birmaja
Steve Passewe
as Cinque's In-Law
Sherly Acosta Williams
as Cinque's Wife
Matt Sarles
as Young Aide
George Gerdes
as Marshal
Gerald R. Molen
as Magistrate (as Jerry Molen)
Kevin J. O'Connor
as Missionary
Sean McGuirk
as Courier
Tony Owen
as Farmer
William Young
as Businessman
Michael Riley
as British Officer
León Singer
as Don Pablo (as Leon Singer)
Castulo Guerra
as Spanish Priest
Harry Groener
as Tecora Captain
Hawthorne James
as Creole Cook
Ingrid Walters
as Woman Overboard with Baby
Harry A. Blackmun
as Associate Justice Joseph Story (as The Honorable Harry A. Blackmun)
Curtis Shields
as Bassie - Additional Amistad African
Carlos Spivey
as Chike - Additional Amistad African
Charles Udoma
as Kessebe - Additional Amistad African
Andrew L. Josiah
as Tamba - Additional Amistad African
Tony Onafesso
as Baa - Additional Amistad African
Peter Mansaray
as Kapr - Additional Amistad African
Clarence Mobley
as Kenei - Additional Amistad African
Brian Macon
as Yauai - Additional Amistad African
Edward Appiah
as Followolo - Additional Amistad African
Denver Dowridge
as Kpau - Additional Amistad African
Paul Mwakutuya
as Sessi - Additional Amistad African
Rory Burton
as Vakina - Additional Amistad African
Samuel Orekhio
as Fawni - Additional Amistad African
Omo Lara Tosin
as Kula - Additional Amistad African
Ransford Thomas
as Alkali - Additional Amistad African
Juliette Darko
as Teme - Additional Amistad African
Isaac Mayanja
as Sanpha - Additional Amistad African
Charlean Isata Bangalie
as Margru - Additional Amistad African
Roosevelt Flenoury
as Njaooni - Additional Amistad African
M.S. Kaleiwo
as Kaleiwo - Additional Amistad African
Tesfay Yohannes
as Amistad African Extra
George Kamara
as Amistad African Extra
Abdul-Fatai Balogun
as Amistad African Extra
Yaya Sissoko
as Amistad African Extra
Amadou Traore
as Amistad African Extra
Marlon Francis
as Amistad African Extra
Bundu Kamara
as Amistad African Extra
James Moses
as Amistad African Extra
Daniel Reid
as Amistad African Extra
Seydou Coulibaly
as Amistad African Extra
Lawal Tajudeen
as Amistad African Extra
Lester Mombelly
as Amistad African Extra
Ibrahim Sesay
as Amistad African Extra
Jeremy Shelton
as Amistad African Extra
Andrew Shoemo
as Amistad African Extra
Prince Coke
as Amistad African Extra
Ahmed Bangura
as Amistad African Extra
Bernard Singleton
as Amistad African Extra
Desere Mondon
as Amistad African Extra
Baboucar Jobe
as Amistad African Extra
John Williams Original Music Composer

Steven Spielberg Director

Steven Spielberg Producer
Colin Wilson Producer

Janusz Kamiński Director of Photography

Michael Kahn Editor

Rick Carter Production Design

Victoria Thomas Casting

David Franzoni Screenplay

Bonnie Curtis Associate Producer
Walter F. Parkes Executive Producer

Jimmy Ortega Stunts
M. James Arnett Stunt Coordinator
Seth Arnett Stunts

Laurie MacDonald Executive Producer

Richard C. Franklin Sound Editor
Charles L. Campbell Supervising Sound Editor

Rosemary Brandenburg Set Decoration

Costume & Make-Up
Ruth E. Carter Costume Design
Bill Corso Makeup Department Head

Robert Apisa Stunts
Henry Kingi Stunts

Debbie Allen Producer
Bob Cooper Co-Executive Producer
Tim Shriver Co-Producer

Kenneth Wannberg Music Editor

Keith Woulard Stunts
Chuck Zito Stunts

Jeff Clark Sound Editor

Eric Chambers Stunts
Frank Ferrara Stunts
Richard L. Duran Stunts

Costume & Make-Up
Ve Neill Makeup Department Head

John Escobar Stunts
Sharon Schaffer Stunts
Mark Stefanich Stunts

Ron Judkins Production Sound Mixer

Paul Deason Associate Producer

Michael Trent Assistant Editor

William Washington Stunts

Louis L. Edemann Supervising Sound Editor

Andrew Cooper Still Photographer

Ronald Eng Sound Editor

David Devlin Gaffer

Ray Fisher Leadman

Roger Meilink Rigging Gaffer

Ed Fassl Sound Editor
Howard Neiman Sound Editor

David Williams Stunts

Leonard T. Geschke Sound Editor
Chuck Neely Sound Editor

Pat Romano Stunt Coordinator

Janna Stern Script Supervisor

Ingrid Walters Stunts
Kevin L. Jackson Stunts

Bruce Richardson Sound Editor
Gary Krivacek Sound Editor

Tere López Casting

Irving E. Lewis Stunts
Mary Fallick Stunts
Alphonse Walter Stunts
Donna Wilson Stunts
Gene Williams Stunts
Terrence Walters Stunts
David Noble Stunts
Lisa Davis Stunts
Denise Barker Stunts

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