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Categories: Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
A teenager finds herself transported to a deep forest setting where a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil is taking place. She bands together with a rag-tag group characters in order to save their world—and ours.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 2013-05-15
Run time: 102 minute / 1:42
Budget: $100,000,000
Revenue: $268,426,634
Director: Chris Wedge
Writers: Tom J. Astle, Matt Ember, James V. Hart, William Joyce, Daniel Shere.
Production Companies : Blue Sky Studios, 20th Century Fox Animation
Production Country: United States of America


Colin Farrell
as Ronin (voice)
Josh Hutcherson
as Nod (voice)
Amanda Seyfried
as Mary Katherine (M.K.) (voice)
Christoph Waltz
as Mandrake (voice)
Jason Sudeikis
as Bomba (voice)
Aziz Ansari
as Mub (voice)
Chris O'Dowd
as Grub (voice)
Beyoncé Knowles
as Queen Tara (voice)
Judah Friedlander
as Taxi Driver (voice)
Steven Tyler
as Nim Galuu (voice)
as Bufo (voice)
Blake Anderson
as Dagda (voice)
John DiMaggio
as Pinecone Jinn (voice)
Allison Bills
as Dandelion Jinn (voice)
Todd Cummings
as Fruit Fly (Old) (voice)
Troy Evans
as Thistle Jinn (voice)
Emma Kenney
as Marigold Girl (voice)
Jason Harris
as (voice)
Jim Conroy
as Race Announcer / Additional Voices (voice)
Jason Fricchione
as Bufo's Goon (voice)
Helen Hong
as Thistle Lady (voice)
Kelly Keaton
as Berry Lady (voice)
Kyle Kinane
as Biker Dude (voice)
Anthony Lumia
as Fruit Fly (Young) (voice)
Malikha Mallette
as Jinn Mom (voice)
Rosa Salazar
as Roller Derby Girl (voice)
Joe Massingill
as Stickman Jockey (voice)
Edie Mirman
as Flower Jinn (voice)
Allison Weber
as Flower Kid (voice)
Thomas F. Wilson
as Finn (voice)
Matt Adler
as Additional Voices (voice)
Ashley Albert
as Additional Voices (voice)
Stephen Apostolina
as Additional Voices (voice)
Eric Bradley
as Additional Voices (voice)
Jeremy Bowker
as Additional Voices (voice)
Dennis T. Carnegie
as Additional Voices (voice)
David Cowgill
as Additional Voices (voice)
Randy Crenshaw
as Additional Voices (voice)
Monique Donnelly
as Additional Voices (voice)
Moosie Drier
as Additional Voices (voice)
Roger Freeland
as Additional Voices (voice)
Jackie Gonneau
as Additional Voices (voice)
Bridget Hoffman
as Additional Voices (voice)
E.J. Holowicki
as Additional Voices (voice)
Rif Hutton
as Additional Voices (voice)
Edie Lehmann Boddicker
as Additional Voices (voice)
Hope Levy
as Additional Voices (voice)
Selenis Leyva
as Additional Voices (voice)
Brian Scott McFadden
as Additional Voices (voice)
Jake Moulton
as Additional Voices (voice)
Eric Nelsen
as Additional Voices (voice)
Bill New
as Additional Voices (voice)
Dana Nielsen
as Additional Voices (voice)
Jonathan Null
as Additional Voices (voice)
Chris Phillips
as Additional Voices (voice)
Lori Prince
as Additional Voices (voice)
Peter Pamela Rose
as Additional Voices (voice)
Michelle Ruff
as Additional Voices (voice)
Christopher Scarabosio
as Additional Voices (voice)
John Storey
as Additional Voices (voice)
Byron Thames
as Additional Voices (voice)
Randy Thom
as Additional Voices (voice)
Madeleine Whittle
as Additional Voices (voice)
David Zyler
as Additional Voices (voice)
Chris Wedge Director

Tom J. Astle Screenplay
Matt Ember Screenplay
James V. Hart Screenplay
William Joyce Screenplay
Daniel Shere Screenplay

Lori Forte Producer

Danny Elfman Original Music Composer

Renato Falcão Cinematography

Andy Keir Editor

Greg Couch Production Design
William Joyce Production Design
Michael Knapp Art Direction

Jerry Davis Producer

Bob Camp Storyboard

Pablo Calvillo Layout

Dan Haring Lighting Technician

Visual Effects
Tony Mecca Animation

Harald Kraut Camera Department Manager

Visual Effects
Dixie Pizani Animation
Galen T. Chu Animation Supervisor
Tyler Carter Color Designer

Tyler Carter Set Designer

Visual Effects
Ron Smith Animation

Michael J. Travers Co-Producer
Christian Kaplan Casting

Tansal Arnas Schedule Coordinator
Lee Tucker Projection

Alena Tottle Sculptor
Mike Defeo Sculptor

Visual Effects
Robert MacKenzie Character Designer
Robert MacKenzie Color Designer
Jake Panian Color Designer

Jake Panian Set Designer

Dave LaMattina Production Coordinator

Dave LaMattina Script Coordinator

Jacqueline Jones Gladis Production Supervisor

Jacqueline Jones Gladis Compositors
Joe Tracz Additional Dialogue

Randy Trager Additional Editing
Tim Nordquist Additional Editing

Leff Lefferts Additional Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Pete Horner Additional Sound Re-Recording Mixer

Holly Dorff ADR Voice Casting
Jason Harris ADR Voice Casting

Visual Effects
A.J. Conrad Animation
Adam Strick Animation
Andrew Feliciano Animation
B.J. Crawford Animation
Bertrand Chung Animation
Brandon Kern Animation
Bryan Larson Animation
Byoung Ho Kang Animation
Carolyn Ee-Kaiser Animation
Chip Lotierzo Animation
Christopher D. Williams Animation
Christopher Silva Animation
Dan Segarra Animation
David Nasser Animation
David S. Peng Animation
David W. Zach Animation
Drew Winey Animation
Elena Ortego Animation
Emanuele Pavarotti Animation
Garrett Shikuma Animation
Gianluca Fratellini Animation
Graham Silva Animation
Gregory Rizzi Animation
Hector Godoy Garcia Animation
James Bresnahan Animation
James Young Jackson Animation
Jamie Giger Animation
Jason Ho Animation
Jeremy Lazare Animation
Jin Kum Animation
Joerg Volk Animation
Joseph Antonuccio Animation
Julen Santiago Animation
Justin Weg Animation
Ken Huling Animation
Ken Kaiser Animation
Louaye Moulayess Animation
Matthew J. Munn Animation
Matthew Doble Animation
Matthew Hasselmann Animation
Michael Berardini Animation
Michael Richard Animation
Mika Ripatti Animation
Nick Bruno Animation
Pako Bagur Animation
Patrick Giusiano Animation
Pedro Sanz Animation
Pete Devlin Animation
Richard A. Fournier Animation
Scott Farrell Animation
Seth Hippen Animation
Stephen Dahler Animation
Steve Vanseth Animation
Stewart Shaw Animation
Tab Burton Animation
Thom Roberts Animation
Tingting Liu Animation
Todd Elliott Animation
Tom Grevera Animation
Trevor Young Animation
Wee Brian Animation
YuehChih Eric Lin Animation
Keith Maloney Animation Production Assistant
Shanna Robalino Animation Production Assistant

Dmitri Makarov Apprentice Sound Editor

Robert V. Cavaleri CG Supervisor

Visual Effects
David V. Mei Character Modelling Supervisor
Ron DeFelice Color Designer

Jim Passon Color Timer

Ashleigh Abramovich Compositors
Bill Eyler Compositors
Chris 'Pinkus' Wesselman Compositors
Christine Carnegie Rinaldi Compositors
Claudio Gonzalez Compositors
David Raghavan Compositors
Heather Barrons Compositors
Jonothon Douglas Compositors
Joshua Rivas Compositors
Kenneth Bell Compositors
Kristen Millette Compositors
Les Lanphere Compositors
Lori Williams Compositors
Marion Engelbach-Ennis Compositors
Mark Tamny Compositors
Morgan C. Griffiths Compositors
Richard Aponte Compositors
Rohini Montenegro Compositors
Sean Falcon Compositors
Tom Zils Compositors
Tony Como Compositors
Zoe Peck-Eyler Compositors

Pete Anthony Conductor

Visual Effects
Brian Anderson Creature Technical Director
Chris Pagoria Creature Technical Director
Christopher M.K. Hill Creature Technical Director
Daniel Sampaio Lima Creature Technical Director
Ian Etra Creature Technical Director
James Gu Creature Technical Director
Jane Chatot Creature Technical Director
Jeff Brodsky Creature Technical Director
Marin Petrov Creature Technical Director

Brad Semenoff Dialogue Editor
Michael Silvers Dialogue Editor

Visual Effects
Dan Cregan Digital Compositors

Craig Price Digital Intermediate
Zara Park Digital Intermediate
Jennifer Margaret Nordmark Editorial Production Assistant
Chad N. Walker First Assistant Editor
William Battaglia First Assistant Editor

Dennie Thorpe Foley
Jana Vance Foley
Benjamin A. Burtt Foley Editor
Jim Likowski Foley Editor
Luke Dunn Gielmuda Foley Editor

Visual Effects
Amila Puhala Lead Animator
David Sloss Lead Animator
Derek Rozmes Lead Animator
Jackie Tarascio Lead Animator
Jeff Gabor Lead Animator
Lluis Llobera Lead Animator
Patrik Puhala Lead Animator
Raymond Ross Lead Animator
Scott Carroll Lead Animator
Sangjun Lee Lead Character Designer

Catherine Dinh Lighting Production Assistant
Eric Schutzbank Lighting Production Assistant
Jill Russo Lighting Production Assistant
Haji Uesato Lighting Supervisor

Visual Effects
Adam McMahon Modeling
Christian Haniszewski Modeling
Clara Prado Vazquez Modeling
Cleveland Hibbert Modeling
Dinis 'Dennis' Morais Modeling
Motoko Wada Modeling
Ramón López Seco de Herrera Modeling
Rizwana Rangwala Modeling
Sabina Suarez Basanta Modeling

Bill Abbott Music Editor
Lisa Jaime Music Editor
David Slonaker Orchestrator
Edgardo Simone Orchestrator

David McKimmie Post Production Supervisor
Anthony Merola Production Intern
Elena Devoe Production Intern
Kate Kirby-O'Connell Production Intern
Landon Hagan Production Intern
Miguel Lleras Villaveces Production Intern
Mike Huang Production Intern
Mike Staub Production Intern
Muriel Moraes Production Intern
Papoj Hua Thamjaroenporn Production Intern
Ricky Arietta Production Intern
Sam Kremers-Nedell Production Intern

Denise L. Rottina Production Manager
Chris Kuwata Production Supervisor
Elizabeth Malpelli Production Supervisor
Jason Fricchione Production Supervisor
Patrick Worlock Production Supervisor

Justin Leach Rigging Supervisor

Kristina Hall Schedule Coordinator
Kristine Familletti Schedule Coordinator
Vandana Pulijaal Schedule Coordinator

Andrew Hickson Set Designer
Rachel Tiep-Daniels Set Designer
Sandeep Menon Set Designer

Andre Fenley Sound Effects Editor
Jeremy Bowker Sound Effects Editor
Kent Sparling Sound Effects Editor
Kyrsten Mate Sound Effects Editor
Danielle Dupre Sound Recordist
Lora Hirschberg Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Randy Thom Sound Re-Recording Mixer

Kevin Estrada Still Photographer

Melvin Tan Supervising Animator

Gwendolyn Yates Whittle Supervising Sound Editor

Joe Bonomo Systems Administrators & Support
Mary Lynn Kirby Systems Administrators & Support
Andrew Beddini Technical Supervisor
Christopher Moore Technical Supervisor
Charles Martin Inouye Temp Music Editor
Jeff Carson Temp Music Editor
Terry Wilson Temp Music Editor

Michael Daley Storyboard Artist

Moroni Taylor Story Artist

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