Quo Vadis

THIS IS THE BIG ONE! The splendor and savagery of the world's wickedest empire! Three hours of spectacle you'll remember for a lifetime!

Categories: Drama, History, Romance
Set against the back drop of Rome in crisis, General Marcus Vinicius returns to the city from the battle fields and falls in love with a Christian woman, Lygia. Caught in the grip of insanity, Nero's atrocities become more extreme and he burns Rome, laying the blame on the Christians. Vinicius races to save Lygia from the wrath of Nero as the empire of Rome collapses around them.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1951-11-08
Run time: 171 minute / 2:51
Budget: $7,623,000
Revenue: $21,037,000
Director: Mervyn LeRoy
Writers: John Lee Mahin, S. N. Behrman, Sonya Levien.
Production Company : Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Production Country: United States of America


Robert Taylor
as Marcus Vinicius
Deborah Kerr
as Lygia
Leo Genn
as Petronius
Peter Ustinov
as Nero
Patricia Laffan
as Poppaea
Finlay Currie
as Peter
Abraham Sofaer
as Paul
Marina Berti
as Eunice
Buddy Baer
as Ursus
Felix Aylmer
as Plautius
Nora Swinburne
as Pomponia
Ralph Truman
as Tigellinus
Norman Wooland
as Nerva
Rosalie Crutchley
as Acte
Elspeth March
as Miriam
Sophia Loren
as Lygia's Slave (uncredited)
Elizabeth Taylor
as Christian Prisoner in Arena (uncredited)
Bud Spencer
as Imperial Guard (uncredited)
Walter Pidgeon
as Narrator
John Myhers
as Guard
Alfredo Rizzo
as Hairdresser
Leslie Bradley
as Hasta - 2nd Praetorian
Adrienne Corri
as Young Christian Girl
Enzo Fiermonte
as Mounted Captain
Robin Hughes
as Christ
Liana Del Balzo
Peter Miles
as Nazarius
Geoffrey Dunn
as Terpnos
Nicholas Hannen
as Seneca
D.A. Clarke-Smith
as Phaon
John Ruddock
as Chilo
Strelsa Brown
as Rufia
Alfredo Varelli
as Lucan
William Tubbs
as Anaxander
Pietro Tordi
as Galba
Clelia Matania
as Parmenida
Alfred Baillou
as Christian Prisoner in Arena
Scott R. Beal
as Fisherman
Michael Mark
as Fisherman
Jack George
as Fisherman
Ernesto Molinari
as Fisherman
Dino Galvani
as Senator
Carlo Borelli
as Noble
John Binns
as Officer
Alessandro Serbaroli
as Officer
Dario Michaelis
as Lydia Guard
Kenneth W. Richardson
as Guard
Richard McNamara
as Legionnaire
Jack Del Rio
as Apostle
Philip Kieffer
as Apostle
Louis Payne
as Apostle
Al Ferguson
as Apostle
Lia Di Leo
as Pedicurist
Aldo Pini
as Headkeeper
Adriano Ambrogi
as Wine Bibber
Enrico Formichi
as Man with Wine Cup
Giovanni Lovatelli
as Banquet Man
Richard Garrick
as Slave
Scilla Vannucci
as White Slave Girl
Anna Maria Padoan
as Young Unbaptized Woman
Alberto Plebani
as Steward
Anna Arena
Alfred Brown
Frank Colson
Franco Fantasia
Harriet Medin
Leonardo Scavino
Maria Zanoli
Harry J. Vejar
Dianora Veiga
Giuseppe Varni
Carlo Tricoli
David Craig
as Little Boy
Irene Howard Casting

Miklós Rózsa Original Music Composer

Mervyn LeRoy Director

William A. Horning Art Direction
Cedric Gibbons Art Direction

Sam Zimbalist Producer

Robert Surtees Director of Photography

Ralph E. Winters Editor

Edward C. Carfagno Art Direction
Hugh Hunt Set Decoration

William V. Skall Director of Photography

John Lee Mahin Screenplay
S. N. Behrman Screenplay
Sonya Levien Screenplay
Henryk Sienkiewicz Novel

Mel Ballerino Casting

Elso Valentini Set Decoration

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