Wells Fargo

TOGETHER THEY BUILD A CONTINENT! He lives the magnificent adventure that saves a country and she shares the adventures of the man she loves!

Categories: History, Western
In the 1840s, Ramsey MacKay, the driver for the struggling Wells Fargo mail and freight company, will secure an important contract if he delivers fresh oysters to Buffalo from New York City. When he rescues Justine Pryor and her mother, who are stranded in a broken wagon on his route, he doesn't let them slow him down and gives the ladies an exhilirating ride into Buffalo. He arrives in time to obtain the contract and is then sent by company president Henry Wells to St. Louis to establish a branch office.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1937-12-31
Run time: 94 minute / 1:34
Director: Frank Lloyd
Writers: Paul Schofield, Gerald Geraghty, Frederick J. Jackson.
Production Company : Paramount
Production Country: United States of America



Joel McCrea
as Ramsay MacKay
Bob Burns
as Hank York, a wanderer
Frances Dee
as Justine Pryor
Lloyd Nolan
as Dal Slade
Henry O'Neill
as Henry Wells
Mary Nash
as Mrs. Pryor
Ralph Morgan
as Nicholas Pryor
Johnny Mack Brown
as Talbot Carter
Porter Hall
as James Oliver
Jack Clark
as William Fargo
Clarence Kolb
as John Butterfield
Robert Cummings
as Dan Trimball, prospector
Granville Bates
as Bradford, banker
Harry Davenport
as Ingalls, banker
Frank Conroy
as Ward, banker
Brandon Tynan
as Edwards, newspaper publisher
Peggy Stewart
as Alice MacKay
Bernard Siegel
as Pawnee
Stanley Fields
as Abe, prospector
Jane Dewey
as Lucy Dorsett Trimball
Frank McGlynn Sr.
as Lincoln
Ernie Adams
as Miner
Erville Alderson
as Marshal Sam
Richard Allen
as Minor Role
William Arnold
as Minor Role
Sam Ash
as Man with Beaver Hat
Gertrude Astor
as Pioneer Woman
Frank Austin
as Toothless Miner
Arthur Aylesworth
as Southern Orator
Jack Baxley
as Knick-Knack Vendor
Scotty Beckett
as Young Nick Pryor
Hank Bell
as Medical Attendant
Joseph E. Bernard
as Customer
Barlowe Borland
as Scottish Passenger
Wade Boteler
as Ship Captain
Ed Brady
as Prospector
Henry Brandon
as Larry
Charles Brinley
as Gambler
Fritzi Brunette
as Pioneer Woman
Hal Budlong
as Minor Role
Ray Burgess
as First Fargo Rider
Tom Burke
as Minor Role
James P. Burtis
as Portly Gentleman
George Burton
as Minor Role
Marie Burton
as Pioneer Girl
Jimmy Butler
as Nick Pryor Jr.
A.S. Byron
as Townsman
Lane Chandler
as Tom - Wells Fargo Messenger
Spencer Charters
as Jethro - Old Confederate
Ethel Clayton
as Pioneer Woman
Shirley Coates
as Alice at 10 Years Old
Irene Coleman
as Pioneer Woman
D'Arcy Corrigan
as Preacher
Ronnie Cosby
as Ramsay MacKay Jr.
Hal Craig
as Southerner
Nell Craig
as Pioneer Woman
Richard Cramer
as Miner
Thomas A. Curran
as Old Man
Sidney D'Albrook
as Townsman
Sheila Darcy
as Lola Montez
Helen Davis
as Pioneer Woman
Hal K. Dawson
as Ormsby - N.Y. Herald Correspondent
Lillian Dean
as Pioneer Woman
Richard Denning
as Minor Role
Helen Dickson
as Boy's Mother
Mike Donovan
as Miner
Lester Dorr
as Minor Role
Rex Downing
as Child
Lowell Drew
as Townsman
Fritzi Dugan
as Pioneer Woman
Eddie Dunn
as Ed Slocum - Stagecoach Driver
David Durand
as Alex Trimball
Edward Earle
as Mr. Padden
Dora Early
as Pioneer Woman
Oliver Eckhardt
as Townsman
Fern Emmett
as Mrs. Jenkins
Frank Erickson
as Southerner
Ann Evers
as Pioneer Girl
Martin Faust
as Minor Role
Al Ferguson
as Southerner
Art Foster
as Confederate Captain
Willie Fung
as Wang - MacKay's Servant
Barney Furey
as Bandit
Norah Gale
as Pioneer Girl
Chester Gan
as Chinese Workman
Jack Gardner
as Clerk
Joe Gilbert
as Practical Telegraph Operator
Gus Glassmire
as Minor Role
June Glory
as Pioneer Girl
George Guhl
as Passenger
Earl Gunn
as Minor Role
Harriette Haddon
as Pioneer Girl
Charles Haefeli
as Gambler
Sherry Hall
as Clerk
Beth Hartman
as Pioneer Woman
Harry Hayden
as Postal Clerk
Dell Henderson
as Customer
Ben Hendricks Jr.
as Sailor
Charles Herzinger
as Wagon Train Driver
Herbert Heywood
as Bartender
Mitchell Ingraham
as Barber
T.C. Jack
as Minor Role
Dolly Jarvis
as Pioneer Woman
Darby Jones
as Black Man
Edward Keane
as Salmon P. Chase - Secretary of the Treasury
Hazel Keener
as Pioneer Woman
Gwen Kenyon
as Pioneer Girl
Philip Kieffer
as Top Sergeant
Stanley King
as Minor Role
Paul Kruger
as Coachman
Jerry Larkin
as Southerner
Edward LeSaint
as Doctor
Bert Lindley
as Townsman
Jack Lindquist
as Minor Role
Lucien Littlefield
as San Francisco Postmaster
Jean Lorraine
as Pioneer Woman
George Magrill
as Northerner
Alphonse Martell
as Headwaiter
Joyce Mathews
as Pioneer Girl
Eric Mayne
as Minor Role
Charles McAvoy
as Miner
Ralph McCullough
as Clerk
Robert McKenzie
as U.S. Postmaster - Batavia, N.Y.
Mary Mersch
as Pioneer Woman
Frank Mills
as Minor Role
Bruce Mitchell
as Miner
Howard M. Mitchell
as Minor Role
Monte Montague
as Prospector
Bert Moorhouse
as White House Aide
Philip Morris
as Bart - Express Driver
Ferdinand Munier
as Mr. Langley
Forbes Murray
as Minor Role
Louis Natheaux
as Jonathan - Proprietor
Babs Nelson
as Alice at 6 Years Old
David Newell
as Minor Role
Paul Newlan
as Zachary 'Zeke' Martin
William H. O'Brien
as Headwaiter
Robert Emmett O'Connor
as Sea Captain
George Ovey
as Townsman
Carol Parker
as Pioneer Girl
Franklin Parker
as Reporter
Lew Payton
as Sam - Pryor's Butler
Vester Pegg
as Fargo Rider
Jack Perrin
as Scout
Grant Peters
as Minor Role
Lee Phelps
as Printer
Hal Price
as Townsman
Suzanne Rhoades
as Pioneer Woman
Cyril Ring
as Minor Role
Julian Rivero
as Candy Vendor
Buddy Roosevelt
as First Lieutenant
Alma Ross
as Pioneer Girl
Art Rowlands
as Townsman
Oscar Rudolph
as Minor Role
Dick Rush
as Conductor
Francis Sayles
as Townsman
Cy Schindell
as Minor Role
Harry Semels
as Minor Role
Allen D. Sewall
as Northerner
Kathryn Sheldon
as Captain's Wife
Hugh Sheridan
as Minor Role
Charles Sherlock
as Minor Role
Ernest Shields
as Minor Role
Lee Shumway
as Townsman
Gertrude Simpson
as Plump Townswoman
Pietro Sosso
as Minor Role
Harry Stafford
as Dinsmore
Robert R. Stephenson
as Southerner
Bert Stevens
as Union Officer
Dorothy Stevens
as Pioneer Woman
Tom Stevenson
as Minor Role
Harry Strang
as Minor Role
Al Sullivan
as Southerner
Brick Sullivan
as Fireman
Charles Sullivan
as Northerner
Danny Sullivan
as Northerner
Elliott Sullivan
as Minor Role
Bernard Suss
as Bearded Man
Hal Taliaferro
as Minor Role
Dorothy Tennant
as Mrs. Ward
Jerry Tucker
as Boy
Archie Twitchell
as Man with Paper
Tom Ung
as Chinese Brickmason
Monte Vandergrift
as Sailor
Clare Verdera
as Mrs. Edwards
Emmett Vogan
as Merchant
Ruth Warren
as Mrs. Andrews
Blue Washington
as Sam - Coachman
Dorothy White
as Pioneer Girl
Gloria Williams
as Pioneer Girl
Florence Wix
as Pioneer Woman
Freeman Wood
as Minor Role
Harry Woods
as Timekeeper
Jack Curtis
as Minor Role
Costume & Make-Up
Edith Head Costume Design

Hans Dreier Art Direction

John Cope Sound Recordist
Harold Lewis Sound Recordist

Gordon Jennings Special Effects

John B. Goodman Art Direction

Victor Young Original Music Composer

Stuart N. Lake Story

A. E. Freudeman Interior Designer

Theodor Sparkuhl Director of Photography

Frank Lloyd Director

Frank Lloyd Producer

William Tummel Assistant Director

Howard Estabrook Associate Producer

Boris Morros Music Director

Paul Schofield Screenplay

William LeBaron Executive Producer

Gerald Geraghty Screenplay

Hugh Bennett Editor

Frederick J. Jackson Screenplay

Ralph Freed Songs
Burton Lane Songs

John Boland Production Manager

Loren L. Ryder Sound Director

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