Categories: Adventure, Drama
Robert Louis Stevenson's hero David Balfour (Freddie Bartholomew) joins rebel Alan Breck Stewart (Warner Baxter) in 18th-century Scotland.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1938-05-27
Run time: 90 minute / 1:30
Director: Alfred L. Werker
Writers: Edwin Blum, Sonya Levien, Ernest Pascal, Eleanor Harris.
Production Company : 20th Century Fox
Production Country: United States of America



Warner Baxter
as Alan Breck
Freddie Bartholomew
as David Balfour
Arleen Whelan
as Jean MacDonald
C. Aubrey Smith
as Duke of Argyle
Reginald Owen
as Capt. Hoseason
John Carradine
as Gordon
Nigel Bruce
as Neil MacDonald
Miles Mander
as Ebenezer Balfour
Ralph Forbes
as James
H.B. Warner
as Angus Rankeiller
Arthur Hohl
as Riach
E. E. Clive
as Minister MacDougall
Halliwell Hobbes
as Dominie Campbell
Montagu Love
as Colonel Whitehead
Donald Haines
as Ransome
Moroni Olsen
as Douglas
Leonard Mudie
as Red Fox
Mary Gordon
as Mrs. MacDonald
Forrester Harvey
as Innkeeper
Clyde Cook
as Blubber - the Ship's Cook
Russell Hicks
as Bailiff
Billy Watson
as Bobby MacDonald
Eily Malyon
as Mrs. Campbell
Kenneth Hunter
as Captain Frazer
Charles Irwin
as Sergeant Ellis
John Burton
as Lieutenant Stone
David Clyde
as Blacksmith
Holmes Herbert
as Judge
Brandon Hurst
as Doomster
Vernon Steele
as Captain
C. Montague Shaw
as Scottish Statesman
Robert Noble
as Warden
Andrew Atkinson
as Child Bagpipe Player
Frank Baker
as Sergeant
James Carlisle
as English Officer
David Cavendish
as English Diplomat
Fred Cavens
as Undetermined Role
Larry Dods
as Dragoon
Scotty Dunsmuir
as Clansman
Jack Egger
as Child
Bob Falkenberg
as Urchin
Martin Faust
as Turnkey
Neil Fitzgerald
as English Officer
Douglas Gerrard
as Clansman
Douglas Gordon
as Clansman
Gordon Hart
as Turnkey
Ivo Henderson
as Dragoon
Keith Hitchcock
as Guard
Peter Hobbes
as English Officer
Leyland Hodgson
as Officer
Arthur Stuart Hull
as English Officer
Boyd Irwin
as Leader of Clansmen
Colin Kenny
as Clansman
Thomas Louden
as Clansman
Ian Maclaren
as Minister
J.P. McGowan
as Clansman
Charles McNaughton
as Innkeeper
Clive Morgan
as Clansman
Henry Mowbray
as Clansman
Antonia Oland
as Child
Clifford Severn
as Urchin
Yorke Sherwood
as Cook
Bruce Sidney
as Clansman
Ivan F. Simpson
as Old Man
John Graham Spacey
as Clansman
Wyndham Standing
as Clansman
Robert R. Stephenson
as Undetermined Role
John Sutton
as English Officer
Harry Tenbrook
as Crewman
Evan Thomas
as Sergeant
David Thursby
as Clansman
Zeffie Tilbury
as Old Woman
Charles Unger
as Child
Harry Watson
as Sandy - an Urchin
Cecil Weston
as Proprietor's Wife
Eric Wilton
as Torrence
Edwin Blum Screenplay
Edwin Blum Writer
Robert Louis Stevenson Novel
Sonya Levien Screenplay
Sonya Levien Writer

Alfred L. Werker Director

Ernest Pascal Screenplay
Ernest Pascal Writer
Eleanor Harris Screenplay
Eleanor Harris Writer

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