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Simply Spellbinding Silly Symphony!

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Musical instruments are the stars of a romantic fable set in the Land of Symphony and the Isle of Jazz, two islands separated by the Sea of Discord. The violin princess and the saxophone prince fall in love, but must meet secretly in order to avoid the wrath of their parents, the Symphony queen and the Jazz king. The queen finds the boy saxophone on her island, attempting to woo her daughter. She has him locked in the metronome, but the young lover manages to send a note - in fact, several musical notes on sheet music - that conveys the message that he has been imprisoned. The Isle of Jazz declares war by blasting musical notes across the sea. The only thing that can bring peace and harmony to the Sea of Discord is love.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1935-10-05
Run time: 10 minute / 0:10
Director: Wilfred Jackson
Production Companies : Walt Disney Productions, United Artists
Production Country: United States of America



Walt Disney Producer

Pinto Colvig Story

Leigh Harline Original Music Composer

Visual Effects
Grim Natwick Animation

Wilfred Jackson Director

Visual Effects
Wolfgang Reitherman Animation
Frank Thomas Animation
Clyde Geronimi Animation
Dick Huemer Animation
Les Clark Animation
Al Eugster Animation
Dan MacManus Animation
George Rowley Animation
Edwin Aardal Animation

Graham Heid Assistant Director

Visual Effects
Dick Lundy Animation
Kendall O'Connor Animation
Frenchy de Trémaudan Animation

Albert Hurter Characters

Visual Effects
Leonard Sebring Animation
George Drake Animation
Cy Young Animation
Archie Robin Animation
Louie Schmitt Animation
Ugo D'Orsi Animation
Frank Kelling Animation
James Tyer Animation
John Morehouse Animation
John Bond Animation
Robert Jones Animation

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