Please Open The Door

Categories: Fantasy, Animation, Action, Adventure
Mineko is a schoolgirl, who finds out that she has supernatural powers. With her friend Kaori Saikin, who also has these kind of powers, they decide to test if their classmate Keiichiro is one with these powers too. The gathering of the three shakes the world and they are drawn to another world, Land of Middle, where their help is needed to free the people of the Land who are are fighting for their freedom against an evil force.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1986-10-31
Run time: 81 minute / 1:21
Directors: Tsuneo Tominaga, Keizô Shimizu.
Production Country: Japan


Tsuneo Tominaga Director

Satoshi Dezaki Writer
Katsumi Koide Writer

Keizô Shimizu Director

Motoko Arai Writer © 2020

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