30,000 Miles Under the Sea

Categories: Animation, Science Fiction, Adventure
The ruler of the underground world, is planning to conquer the whole world. Riding the fire dragon Isamu and Angel, the princess of the undersea kingdom, try to stop him from destorying their world.

Status: Released IMDb
Release date: 1970-07-17
Run time: 60 minute / 1:0
Director: Kimio Yabuki
Production Country: Japan



Masako Nozawa
as Isamu (voice)
Kurumi Kobato
as Angel (voice)
Gorō Naya
as King Magma VII (voice)
Akira Hitomi
as Tail (voice)
Katsuwo Umino
as Octopus (voice)
Yonehiko Kitagawa
as Sea King (voice)
Reiko Seno
as Isamu's Mother (voice)
Tetsuya Kaji
as Isamu's Father (voice)
Ichirō Murakoshi
as Captain (voice)
Keiichi Noda
as Announcer (voice)
Kimio Yabuki Director

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